After such cleaning of blood vessels, hypertension, headaches pass, and the work of the cardiovascular system improvesWho is the worst enemy of cholesterol and blood clots, and the best friend of blood vessels?

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Everyone knows that pressure, stroke and heart attack are caused by cholesterol contamination of vessels that have lost their elasticity.
What are the first symptoms of the most dangerous problems with blood vessels that seem trivial to us at first glance?
My head aches, my blood pressure jumps. Joints ache, ache and crackle, the neck does not turn and the back does not bend. In the evening, the legs swell, and in the morning the face. The bells are ringing in my ears. Numb fingers and cold limbs. Vision drops. Memory deteriorates. I don't have the strength for anything. Many people will say the reason is old age. But this is not the case.
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All these problems can occur much earlier and even do not always allow you to live to old age at all.

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How to save yourself and keep your health strong?
What are the obvious signs of bad blood vessels and what are the hidden ones?
Why do blood vessels mean 90% of your health?
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These questions were answered by the head of the Department of surgery of the Imperial College of Kenya, Professor of Surgical sciences George Hanna.
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Professor of Surgical sciences
George Hanna George Hanna George Hanna
George Hanna has more than 12,700 open-brain surgeries on his account. His youngest patient was only 2 days old.
George Hanna George Hanna George Hanna
Professor of Surgical sciences
George Hanna is masterly at explaining complex medical processes in simple words. He has written 47 popular science books and textbooks for people without medical education. He is absolutely convinced that our blood vessels comprise 90% of the health of our body and our well-being depends on their condition.
- Professor Hanna, you keep saying that good condition of our blood vessels is a 90% guarantee of the total body health? Why so?
– What is the largest organ in the human body? Very few people know. Even medical students often make mistakes. The most often answer is the brain or liver. The more educated say that the skin. But in fact, the largest organ is our vascular system.
You can encircle the planet 2,5 times with vessels of 1 person
George Hanna
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George Hanna has more than 12,500
Just imagine. If you "unravel" all the vessels of the human body and tie them into one long thread, the length of this thread will be about 100,000 kilometers.
George Hanna has more than 12,500
George Hanna has more than 12,500
To make it clearer , the length of The earth's equator is 40,000 kilometers. It means that with the "thread" from the vessels of only 1 person you can encircle the entire planet 2.5 times.
How do you like this?
Vessels are not just tubes through which blood flows. This is a complex and unified organ, a failure in which immediately gets out in a sore.
For example, brain circulation becomes difficult – you will get dizziness, tinnitus, and forgetfulness. Sometimes you have this, go to the kitchen, and as soon as you came already forgot why. Or a well-known word is on the tip of your tongue and you can't remember it. These are all signs of deterioration of the brain vessels.
Or hypertension-the mother of a stroke and the sister of a heart attack. Hypertension in 89% of cases kills a person with a heart attack or stroke. More than half of patients remain disabled for the entire life.
Vessels are our fees system, and life itself runs through them. If an important section of the vessel is blocked the life will stop. Therefore, I will not tire of repeating: if you want to live a full life, clean and restore your blood vessels. Clean blood vessels are the key to getting rid of 90% of chronic diseases, some of which are considered "incurable".
vessels that have lost their
vessels that have lost their
What else pollutes the blood vessels, other than cholesterol?
vessels that have lost their
– Everyone knows that cholesterol is evil. It clogs our blood vessels, narrows the lumen and disrupts blood circulation. But it is not the only reason, is it?
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George Hanna has more than 12,500
6,2 kg
Professor Hanna, you keep
is the total mass of contamination that accumulates in the vessels by the age of 50.
"Yes, you're right. Cholesterol plaques or as they are also called "atherosclerotic plaques" account for approximately 65-70% of vascular contamination.
By the age of 50, up to 5 kg of cholesterol plaques accumulate in human blood vessels. Cholesterol deposits narrow the lumen of blood vessels by 4-5 times.
Just imagine. If the normal lumen of the vessel is of the size of your finger, then 5kg of cholesterol plaques reduces the lumen to the size of 4 soccer fields.
Cholesterol plaques themselves are not life-threatening. Yes, the quality of life falls, blood pressure increases, headaches and joint pain, weakness and apathy. Much more dangerous is the thrombus material, which also accumulates in our blood vessels.
George Hanna has more than 12,500
George Hanna has more than 12,500
vessels that have lost their
Thrombus material
Blood clots accumulate much less - "only" about 800 grams – 1 kg. But their danger is that they are unstable. At any moment, a blood clot can break off and travel through your blood vessels in search of a victim.

If the blood clot is large enough, it tightly "seals" the victim vessel. That is how ischemia happens - complete cessation of blood supply to the organ that feeds on this vessel.

Ischemic stroke is the blockage of a brain vessel. Heart attack is blockage of the heart artery.

Ischemia of the liver, lung collapse, kidney failure. Hemorrhoids are nothing more than ischemia of the rectum vessels. Blockage of even small vessels of the legs, over time leads to necrosis - gangrene.
High-calcium lime
Calcium lime in the vessels is the remains of chemical medicines and food additives. They accumulate to 50 years of 300-400 grams. Most of the lime accumulates in the vessels of the brain.
The danger of calcium lime is that it has a sharp, crystalline structure. When the vessel is sharply constricted – a spasm caused by stress or physical exertion or the weather, a sharp lime crystal can pierce the vessel and cause it to rupture. A rupture of a brain vessel is a hemorrhagic stroke.
– What symptoms indicate that my blood vessels are clogged with "dirt"? How to understand that the body shouts to us "Clean the blood vessels quickly!"?
– Frankly speaking, if you are more than 45 years old and you have never taken nutraceuticals for cleaning blood vessels, I guarantee that you have a problem with blood vessels.
45 years
Professor Hanna, you keep
this is the milestone after which it is necessary to clean the vessels.
Clogging of blood vessels with cholesterol, blood clots, calcification is essentially a natural age-related process. Of course, modern food, medicines, smoking and alcohol accelerate the process of "contamination" by 5-8 times. But we are all human and there is no escaping it, this is the world we live in.
The main sign of contaminated vessels
If you have a diagnosis of Hypertension-then you can not even listen. Hypertension is the Queen of bad blood vessels.
Do you suffer from pressure spikes? It is constantly elevated and you have to keep living on medication? So, God willing, just about of 30% of vessel remain clean. The rest is tightly sealed with cholesterol plaques, blood clots-blood clots and covered with calcium lime.
Therefore, the slightest stress, changes in the weather, or a magnetic storm immediately affect your well-being. High blood pressure, your head begins to hammer away with a hammer, remove the joints.
Unstable or constantly elevated blood pressure, which has to be brought down with medications. The main and most important indicator. Is there a diagnosis of hypertension? So the vessels just scream "Clean us!"
6 alarm symptoms:
Is there at least one sign? Vessels are desperately beating the alarm, demanding attention and warning of imminent danger.
Most often, people have several symptoms at once in different combinations. Or all at once.
How to clean blood vessels and how to restore their health?
– Let's give a particular medical advice, here is a Mrs Evans from Sheffield. 49 years old, married, overweight, has hypertension. She reacts to the weather with the accuracy of a barometer - the joints hurt, weakness and drowsiness come, and splitting headache appears. How can we help Mrs Evans? What can she do to clean her blood vessels without bowing to the doctors and listening to lectures like "you should lose weight", "you should exercise", "you should eat right", "this is your age" and so on?
Most pharmacy drugs do not treat and help, but do harm and make people addict.
– Yes, actuallu we lack for high-quality medicine in our country, unfortunately. Therefore, I understand the reluctance to visit doctors. But Mrs Evans will do fine on her own.
For safe cleaning of blood vessels, I can name only one tool with an impeccable reputation – the innovative drug HeartKeep. HeartKeep extends life by 12-17 years, filling it with energy and ease, and not at the cost of suffering and loss of the last vital forces.
It's as safe as herbal tea. And in terms of effectiveness, it is in second place after surgical vascular cleaning - stenting. But unlike surgery, it has no complications or side effects. With only one course all the blood vessels in the body will be cleansed. From large thick arteries to the smallest delicate capillaries.
Absolutely natural and safe, HeartKeep is suitable for both hypertensive patients and people suffering from periodic high blood pressure (pressure spikes) against the background of various diseases (including cardiovascular and hormonal), as well as stress, weather, etc.This is an ideal tool for everyone, regardless of gender and age.
HeartKeep improves vascular function, normalizes blood flow and dilutes blood, including in diabetics, smokers, and people at risk of heart disease. HeartKeep is also an excellent prevention of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, thrombosis and atherosclerosis.
Thus, HeartKeep fights not with the consequences, but with the root cause of high pressure!
Along with them, headaches and tinnitus disappear. The brain, receiving full nutrition through clean blood vessels, works at the speed of a supercomputer. Thoughts are clear.
– Impressive. To be honest, I have already heard about HeartKeep several times. The drug is very popular all over the world. And in the Kenya, new drugs are still treated with distrust, people make a choice in favor of old school medicine.
– Our Mrs. Evans must have tried hundreds of different supplements and pills, given up on herself, and vowed not to waste any more money on questionable miracle drugs.
– Let me tell you a cautionary tale about distrust.
In 1928, the first antibiotic, penicillin, was invented. It easily cured dysentery and typhoid, from which, at that time, people inevitably died.
But most people did not believe that it could help, because they had already been burned 1000 times in attempts to heal. Those who were burned 1000 times and were not afraid to try 1001-th-cured. And those who gave up, waved their hand with the words "Another miracle remedy that will not help" died, even though the rescue was right in front of them.
Our doubts betray us, and they make us lose much that we could have achieved for fear of trying to do it.
How penicillin defeated the prevailing diseases of the time: dysentery, typhoid, and pneumonic plague. So, over time, HeartKeep will eradicate vascular diseases. The first steps are already being taken by many advanced countries – the United States, Japan, Canada, Korea, Norway and Israel – among them HeartKeep is the most popular.
If you do not go into the subtleties and details, the drug affects the cause of the disease, which makes it possible to completely get rid of hypertension. It removes symptoms even in the first six hours after application, due to its active component. This makes it possible to take a deep breath right after the start of the course.
Vascular tone is fully restored after one course of treatment. At the same time, HeartKeep is effective at any stage of hypertension. The drug has naturally passed clinical trials. I want to note that the effectiveness demonstrated in the testing process will give a head start to any foreign vehicle. The best result for similar drugs is 20-21% cured. In our case, we are talking about 75-77% cured. For everyone else, the situation just stabilizes. In other words, hypertension itself remains in its infancy (a problem with vascular tone). But at the same time, your blood pressure doesn't jump and you feel just great.
HeartKeep has passed clinical trials in Japan and Israel, but also separately in Kenya, At the Institute of Cardiology, which also confirmed its effectiveness. Now there is a huge demand for this drug in Europe.
– Where can I buy HeartKeep? I think our readers will be interested in this question.
– At the moment, the drug is produced in small lots, although the manufacturer is already building new facilities that will increase the volume several times. So far, he has not tried to go to the shelves of pharmacy chains, because there is simply nothing to send - everything is sold out immediately on production by medical companies. Moreover, until recently, it was impossible to buy medicine at retail, and all the available volume went to specialized medical centers and clinics.
But earlier this year, the manufacturer received government funding to expand production. And now it is possible to apply for HeartKeep online. Roughly speaking, it is enough to leave your name and phone number, after which you will be contacted and will clarify all the data, at the same time answering your questions. Delivery is made by mail or courier. You pay only after receiving and checking. The system is as transparent and clear as possible, which makes it convenient for ordering something online for the first time. I checked it myself the other day and found no flaws.
– Would you like to say something to the readers before we finish the interview?
– The only thing I would like to say - do not be indifferent to your own life. Hypertension is an extremely widespread disease. And let me remind you that 65% of hypertensive patients do not even know that they are ill. Agree-it's a shame to die from a disease that I didn't even know about. Check yourself for symptoms and if there are any matches-contact a specialist or just use HeartKeep. Thanks to the work of its creators, you now have access to a unique drug that saves people from the most dangerous complications. This is the only completely natural tool for blood pressure stabilization and treatment of hypertension, recommended by many cardiologists in the Kenya and beyond. Take your chance instead of meekly waiting for death from a heart attack.
George Hanna has more than 12,500
Professor Hanna, you keep
Professor Hanna, you keep
To order HeartKeep, write your Name and Contact phone number in the fields below and click on the "Submit" button
Professor Hanna, you keep
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I heard about the drug about three months ago for the first time and immediately ordered it. I had terrible problems with the pressure. And then after the first day of taking it - it never jumped again. I simply enjoy my life.


I also bought it for my grandmother - she always had problems with blood pressure. It is unlikely that she will ever get to the point where she can order something online, even over the phone. So I did. It helped 100%, although the problems were long-standing - she was very much on medication for several years.


I learned about this remedy at my medical University. Our Professor told us about HeartKeep, said that it perfectly helped to treat hypertension


I heard about it, too, just by chance. Someone I know ordered it for themselves. I have had problems with blood pressure for two years. Now as I'm reading the article, it makes me feel uncomfortable. I'll make an order, I'll try it out.


I've ordered it too. They promised to deliver it to Liverpool within a week, so I'm looking forward to get it


I just placed an order for 2 courses at once. In our family on the female line, absolutely everyone has problems with pressure. And I'm more likely to die from a heart attack.


I watched about this HeartKeep on TV just yesterday. They talked about it as a good medicine for hypertension created by our doctors.


Almost all the men in my family died of heart attacks. And they all had problems with the pressure. Yes, and for women, perhaps, too, many have that. I'll submit an application, too.


Isn't this some kind of a scam? Why do they sell something on the Internet?


Salmah, have you read the text at all? They distribute it via the Internet because the production volumes are small. And you know what reputation our pharmacies have, they will put such margins there - you will not get it, but here you buy it directly from the manufacturer. In addition, the payment is made only after you receive the delivery, that is, first looked at, checked, and only then paid. And the Internet now sells everything from clothes to TV sets and furniture.


I didn't notice the point about the payment after receiving the order. Then no more questions. I'll submit an application as well.


I feel like I'm fine with my blood pressure, but my mother is constantly in pain. I will order it-I hope it will help.



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